• C. Regarding SURFING and other SERVICES 

Please read them carefully as they were set thinking in everyone’s well-being and established according to the latest recommendations from the Portuguese authorities and approved by health- professionals, leading Watermark Surf House to achieve the CLEAN & SAFE, tittle given by the Turismo de Portugal. 

By booking with us (accommodation or any of the services provided) you are accepting these rules and recommendations, as well as our general Terms & Conditions, available on the Info page on our website (follow the link). The present document overtake some coincident points or the general Terms & Conditions. 

Any disregard for these conduct rules by guests, Watermark Surf House holds the right to refuse accommodation and charge the amount due, by any means necessary.


  1. Full & updated concerning travel measures at
  2. NEW (updated on February 21st ’22): current Covid restriction dismiss our guests to present a negative Covid test or Vaccination Certificate on the check- in time. This requirement stands only for border control purposes. Please verify the latest rules regarding COVID19 for accommodation in Portugal (and Watermark SH).
  3. Wash your hands frequently with soap & water during 20-40 seconds, at least.
  4. The use of a mask is mandatory in public transportations and supermarkets, restaurants, shops and other indoor spaces. In case you’re not using a mask you won’t be allowed to enter.
  5. The use of a mask is advised in public outings-
  6. Social distancing is mandatory. If you cough or sneeze, do it to the back part of your elbow.
  7. Respect the beach signs regarding occupancy and accessibility.
  8. If you experience any of the symptoms associated to the Covid19 please stay home.
  9. Full & updated information at
  10. For updated about beach occupancy status download the “infopraias” free APP



Starting from 21.02.2022, and until further notice, the presentation of a Digital Vaccination Certificate or negative Covid19 test on the check-in time is no longer required. This stands inly for border control purposes.

Besides respecting the General Safety Recommendations & Rules in Portugal (A) our guests should:

  1. The use of a mask is mandatory inside the house. Please put it before you step inside. The use of mask on the terrace is mandatory whenever other guests are there and a proper social distance is questionable. Portuguese authorities do supervise this requirement and Watermark SH and won’t held any responsibility for any type of penalty pointed to a guest.
  2. Wash your hands every time you enter the house, before and after you use common house amenities and equipments (kitchen plates, fridge, glasses, tv remote control, etc) and do it frequently, with soap & water during at least 20-40 seconds. In alternative, use the disinfection products available at the house.
  3. Community activities are recommended to happen on the terrace and not indoor. If not possible, please try to airflow the room by opening one or more windows.


Respecting the General Safety Recommendations & Rules in Portugal (A) and in Watermark Surf House (B) is crucial to all services provided: surf lessons, rentals, yoga, sup tours and airport transfers.

Main COVID-19 safety measures on Watermark Surf Houses’ Services (summary)


Before Surfing:

  1. Surfers should dress/ prepare outside, respecting social distancing and washing their hands.
  2. If you have your own wetsuit we strongly recommend to bring it, as it is the biggest challenge to deal with.
  3. Leave your clothes, towel and other stuff on the available shelves, saving some distance to  the other surfers belongings.
  4. Lessons will happen preferably on the closest surf spot from the house according to what is already established on the Terms& Conditions. The use of the van will be avoided. Whenever the van is used, besides the previous measures the use of a mask is mandatory and the maximum capacity should be respected.

Surf Lessons (lessons and rentals):

  1. Social distance is mandatory when walking to the beach, warming-up and surfing.
  2. Each teacher will lead a maximum of 5 surfers.
  3. On beginners’ lessons the teacher can help surfers by pushing them to the waves on the tail of the surfboard (back part).
  4. Lessons will happen preferably on the closest surf spot from the house according to what is already established on the Terms& Conditions. The use of the van will be avoided. Whenever

After Surfing (lessons and rentals):

  1. Each surfboard should be cleaned with the proper product provided (water+soap) and each surfer should try to stick with the same board on the following session
  2. Our wetsuits should be immerged on the cleaning buckets with the provided cleaning solution and leave to rest for a few minutes. This procedure is especially relevant when a guest uses the wetsuit for the last time. 
  3. After that, wetsuits should be hanged to dry in the proper place, without touching others (40 cm approx.). If a surfer uses the same wetsuit on the next session it should be identified on its hanger.
  4. Whenever the van is used it will be cleaned & disinfected.


  1. Wahs or sanitize your hands before and after using the transfer.
  2. The use of mask is mandatory.