Espinho Surf Destination

“A world class wave in a friendly city” is the perfect slogan for Espinho and it seems to resume Frederico Morais’ words. Hear the WSL Portuguese surfer and know more about the event.

From May 20th to June 25th, Espinho will definitely be on the surfing map. After the success of the previous editions, this year’s event promises to raise the bar and make it all about surfing and great fun.

“I’d like to greet and pay my support to Espinho. It’s good to know that finally Espinho and its waves are on the map. Waves out there have great potential and I think that it can bring us many joys in competitive terms, and for surfing and for the athletes as well. It’s a huge boost for surfing in northern Portugal. I hope that it keeps this way. Força Espinho!”. Frederico Morais. Pro-surfer.

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The event started with the CIRCUITO DE SURF do NORTE final (May 20th and 21st) a contest that gathered some of the region’s best young talents. The waves were fun and consistent, and surfers put up a really nice show to everyone watching from the beach. The surfing and the sunny days at Espinho’s beach turned this weekend into something amazing. And thinking that it might have been only a sample of what it is still to come…

In between competitions, there will be some funny shows: the Girls on Top (June 18th), with surfers, VIP’s and journalists heading together to the water… in high heels; the Miss Rainha da Costa Verde (Queen of the Costa Verde), which will happen the day before and will add to Espinho tons of beauty.


Definitely the main competition of the Espinho Surf Destination event, the contest will happen between 22-25 of June and with it some of the world’s best upcoming surfers will arrive. This World Junior Tour league is always greeted will great excitement by the crowd and athletes.

The event’s past champions are the living proof that these surfers are the future of surfing. Names like Vasco Ribeiro, Natxo Gonzalez and Lander Davila, on the men side, and Teresa Bonvalot on the women part, already left their signature on the local waves and took the win before. The question is: who’s going to take it in 2017?

People can’t wait to watch excellent surfing and Espinho wants to share with the Pros the best that it has to offer. Several events will happen all over during that period, both during the days and nights. And where can you find the best seat? We think we can help you in that… Check our Espinho house and after you realize that you’d be right in the middle of the surfing action, you can confirm our availability. But don’t save it for last…

Take the opportunity and come watch the full event and get to know Espinho and its waves. Besides all the competition, visitors can expect loads of fun after and during the event period. São João party, the biggest popular party of Porto and in a few cities around it, happens from the night of 23-24 of June and you will probably wonder where all that people come from? Plastic hammers and air balloons are typical and you’ll see them all the time, everywhere you go.

For the following days, if you want to have some rest from the crowds, charge your batteries and get some surf on remember that Espinho is our backyard but its surrounding, like Esmoriz area, are part of our surfing map too.

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