Surf Packs

Either you’re a first-timer, beginner, intermediate or even advanced surfer, if you’re committed with surfing our Surf Pack deals are definitely your best option!

. surfing in small groups, under the eyes of our qualified instructor and with a close support.

. free access to surfing gear

. photos/videos

… and much more!

Important notes:

  • surf lessons included in the surf packs are group lessons;
  • surf packs are for 13 years old or more surfers; if there’s a group of younger surfers please contact us first
  • other requirements can be verified here

Surf Skills Guidelines

– FIRST- TIMERS: never surfed before

– BEGINNERS: general knowledge about main surfing positions and stance but still struggling with the stand-up movement. White water surfing or small green waves 

– BEGINNER + : able to stand-up but still  struggling with balance or the right 

– INTERMEDIATES: stand up and general position achieved and tries to cut the (green) waves instead of going straight, on small or easy conditions. Sometimes a help is needed for catching the green waves. Main tips are about positioning and wave’s reading; technical points, mainly about surfing stance and bottom-turn, wave line and position details.

– INTERMEDIATES + : Surfers are able to catch the waves by themselves. No help needed.

– ADVANCED: green waves surfer. Main tips needed are about positioning and wave’s reading; . technical points, mainly about stance, turns and positioning details, technical improvements on manoeuvres.

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