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Keep the surfing days with us alive all year. Get your surfwear and keep the good vibes rolling!

Hoodies: 20 € / T-shirts: 10 €


Surfactory team puts all their local wave knowledge and experience in surfboards. Their surfboard brands, Xtreme Surfdesign and Play Surfboards, suit perfectly these waves all year and also to each surfer, from beginner to the advanced.

Our guests are now able to:

–   get a surfboard that suits both to local waves and to the surfer, made by an experienced surfing brand;

–   save some money on a surfboard and, at least, half of the flight taxes, as they’re able to pick the board here

How to Order

1º Check their brands and models here and choose the one that best suits you. Remember that you can always ask them for advice!

2º Then contact us and we’ll give your guest’s special price on the selected board.

3º Order the surfboard on Surfactory online shop.

4º Pick it up and let’s go surfing together!


–   orders should happen within 30 days in advance plus an extra 10 days for the healing process (recommended by Surfactory).

–   On the order make sure you provide Surfactory your name and booking code from Watermark SH.

–   Send us a copy of that ordering request. Discount can only be applied with this.

–   Payment: 50% on the order, 50% on the pickup. Clients pay to Watermark Surf House.

Have a look at our “Surfboards for Surfing Vacations in Porto” blog post for more information about boards and waves.

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