That Surf Trip to Portugal

Thinking about your next surf trip with some friends and get some memorable surfing vacations? For sure you want to explore some of the Portugal best surfing spots, enjoy some quality crowdless surfing, nice weather, great food, lovely landscapes and share some unique moments with your buddies… right?! Well… you found us!

There’s this time of the year that the clock seems to move slower, the days are endless and weeks feel like months. You’re dying to run away from daily routines and to spend some fun times with friends. You imagine yourselves surfing, laughing, chilling around and spending some great time together.  We understand perfectly! We travel, surf, laugh, drink and chill as well. Most important, we set the complete stage for you and your best travelling mates- our surf camp in Espinho!

There’s a time we all wish that time goes slowly: holidays time. In Espinho and its surroundings, such as Esmoriz, 25 km south from Porto, northern Portugal, time goes side by side with the landscape and local mood- no rushes! The green areas allow you and your friends to have a break from daily stress and get connected with nature. You can explore the beautiful “Barrinha” lagoon in Esmoriz- walking, biking or even while experiencing a SUP tour.

From there, you can explore the whole coastline and dive into the protected forest and try to peak some crowdless surfing spot. There are plenty of them along the are

Crowded surfing day 🙂
Surfing brotherhood

After surfing or simply exploring the coastline and forest, a drink at the Parque Ambiental do Buçaquinho (Esmoriz city park) will definitely set your mood for the rest of the day- a quiet and amazing place, where besides the birds and other local animals you can hear some great music at the Cafetaria and get some drinks with your friends. 

Some call it the beach, we name it backyard

Later on, back to Espinho, our lovely backyard (local beach) by the sunset time it’s the perfect stage to stretch the body and get the power back for the next surfing session

At this time surf is out again and for those that seem to never get tired, a quick surf session is an alternative. They are unique and truly represent the moments you were dreaming about. 

Sunset crowdless session. Somewhere around home 01-06-201

Sun is just now gone and, to keep things rolling, it’s time to those endless stories about that one wave caught or other epic ½ second moment that for sure feel like they last ages. All this with a big smile on your face and a cold beer on your hand and all your friends sharing all those positive vibes.

“Dam I was needing this!” – surfing, and a relaxed vacation with friends.

This is the surf camp and beach life you deserve. And that’s why we’ll going to be there right by your side showing where to surf, splashing you in the water, teaching you about that one move you need to improve and show you how, joining you on a drink and tasting with your friends the best local restaurants.  

And when you hear the nightlife calling out your name, there’s a couple of nice surfing vibe options to go to in Espinho or, in case you’re all in, Porto is 20-25 minutes far from train. And about that we can talk hours… but let’s do it once you’re around.

Logistic wise, there’s not much to talk about! Probably your fellow surfing partners will ask you about a good deal… just tell them you found one by the Espinho beach. Then, because you want to make sure you really commit to surfing, just pick the surf package that best fits you. Then easy… book it all in two minutes and the dream is now becoming real.

See you in the water

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