When you are on a holiday you would also like to know and see more from your surroundings. In the practical sense, but also for the things that make your vacation more memorable and exciting. So from us locals to you, here are some recommendations you might want to try. If you are up for the challenge and find some hidden gems worthy to share with your fellow Watermark Surf House visitors, be sure to let us know. We will check it out and share the experience!

Nice nearby spots for food & drinks

WhatType/ VibeSpecialitiesWhereWalking from Watermark Surf HouseWalking from Watermark Beach Apartments
Cantinho da RamboiaTraditional restaurantGrilled fish & meat
*special tip: try the grilled squids & seafood rice
Avenida 8, 11245 min7 min
PapagaioTraditional restaurantGrilled fish & meatRua 41, 998 min10 min
CrystalTraditional buffetRua 8, 4637 min5 min
RagazzoPizzeria & loungePizzaRua 14, 59310 min8 min
Hora HPortuguese burgersBurgersRua 6 7092 min1 min
Nada ConvencionalLunch & BrunchSnacks / brunchRua 23 79411 min9 min
Bistrô 23Lunch & loungeTapas, burgers, bowls & veggieRua 23, 2395 min3 min
Terra VivaFamiliar restaurantVeggie/ veganRua 28, 71511 min1 min
AipalBakery& ChillBreakfast & day snacksRua 23, 533 min1 min

Where to shop and do your laundry

NameType / vibeAdressWalking from Watermark Surf HouseWalking from Watermark Beach Apartments
Pingo DoceSupermarketRua 21, 196 6 min4 min
Local marketMondays only (morning& afternoon)Rua 31/ Rua 2210 min10 min
Speed QueenSelf-service laundryRua 21, 194 7 min5 min

Where to go for fun

NameType / vibeAdressWalking from Watermark Surf houseWalking from Watermark Beach Apartments
Doo BopBeach barRua 2, 627 7 min5 min
Eleven’sBar & cafeRua 19, 6357 min7 min
CasinoRua 19, 85 7 min5 min