There are a lot of surf spots near this wonderful city. What we mean when we say ” Surfing Porto ” is all the different spots that surround this historical beautiful city. There are many surf spots to discover, so you can check for wave conditions that meet your personal demands and skill level. Besides Porto surf conditions, the city itself has a lot to offer too.

A surf house near Porto

Out of the different surf holiday accommodation types, we combined the best. The surf house in Espinho, is located in the Porto area. Which make it a perfect home base for everyone who likes to discover some culture before, next and after surfing Porto and it’s surroundings. It allows our visitors to get the best of two worlds. Fall in love with one of the most beautiful cities in the world and get a fun and personal surfing experience very near to some great swells.

Everyone who surfed before will agree that for a complete surf vacation there are a couple of key ingredients: Waves, breathtaking sceneries, tasty food and nice people to share this experience with. You had a great surf session and you want to relax the body & mind a bit after? Then visiting this fun city is the way to go. The city is only a short train ride away from our surf houses (20-30 minutes). You’ll step out right in the heart of the town.

Surfing porto than discover Clérigos Towe, Unesco world heritage.
Clérigos Tower, a landmark of this historic city – a Unesco world heritage site. Photo: Alamy

You can simply cruise around the stiff and narrow streets in the old part of the city. These places will tell you a lot of Porto’s history. It is also a great way to feel the cities pulse.  Choose from old or new stores when you want to do some shopping or get some souvenirs. In between the shopping you can take the opportunity to visit some of the cities unique landmarks. Porto’s life and soul are on its hilly streets, in the many hipster bars and smoky cafes, in portions of tasty food and drinks that are huge and cheap

Surfing Porto area and then what?

You have been at it all day, surfing Porto, discovering all the great beaches and waves in the area. You had a great productive day. By sunset, bring your best wave sessions and surfing wipeouts stories to the table, while enjoying some local food and wine. Talk and spend some time with your (new) friends during a warm late afternoon.  Build on some nice memories. Nice spots for those moments are everywhere in Porto and you can just discover them yourself or simply ask your favourite Porto surf mates: us 🙂

10 reasons for surfing in the Porto area

Later, for sure you won’t want to miss out on the chance to try some of Porto’s cuisine. Tasty and something for every budget. You can find them from cheap to affordable restaurants. Again, just ask us.

No early morning surfing on the horizon for the next day? Well, getting in touch with the nightlife is something you shouldn’t miss. There are lot’s of nice bars and disco’s downtown that will be the cherry on the top of what’s considered a perfect surfing related day with us. And after… just sleep it off in the comfort of your bed in the surf house.

What to see in Porto:

  • Ribeira area is where the Douro river meets the old part of the city. It’s one of the most well know postcards from the city. Nice place to go for a drink, try some local snacks and get in contact with the locals.
  • Porto Wine cellars are in Gaia, the city which is just on the other side of the river.  Over there you can visit and taste some of the finest Porto Wine from different brands while enjoying one of the most amazing views of this city.
  • Jardim das Virtudes area provides one of the city’s best sunset scenarios. It’s a perfect location for spending some quality time with friends. There’s always lot’s of young people around and there’s often something going on like music, amateur outdoors play-rolls, etc.
  • Local food, such as the “Tripas à Moda do Porto”, “Francesinha” or even the unique combination “coffee and pastel de Nata” is something that everyone should have tried once. Because chances are you are hooked after. There are several good spots where to find them. Just remember that you still want to surf though!

Surfing porto than discover Casa da Música.
Casa da Música. Photograph: Kevin Gould
Surfing porto than discover The Livraria Lello
 The Livraria LelloPhotograph: Tibor Bognar/Corbis

Fast Facts:

  • Porto, the second biggest and most important city in Portugal, is known as the “cidade Invicta “(Unbeaten city), in honour of the local people’s bravery during the 19th century’s battles.
  • Some of the most recognised names from Portugal’s history have their origins in Porto, in areas like music, art, sports, architecture, literature, etc.
  • Porto is the local and official name. Also known as Oporto in some countries. It’s thought that Oporto originally comes from the word “O porto” which means “the harbour”.
  • Porto’s wine and FC Porto are probably some of the city’s biggest symbols outdoors.
  • Porto was the European Capital of Culture in 2001 and nominated as the Best European Destination in 2012, 2014 and 2017, as well as The Most Romantic Destiny in 2013. Titles given by different travelling agencies and specialised magazines.

Surfing & Porto- best combination ever

You can find excellent surf spots within a few km’s distance in every direction of this area. Porto surf locations are diverse and for all skill levels. Also, easily accessible from the surf house in Espinho. For the north of Portugal, read our article about the best surf spots in north Portugal . As a matter of fact, in the last couple of years, there was a significant increase in surf-related tourism in the region. The quality of the waves, the crowd (small, especially when compared to the most well-known surf spots in Portugal), the beautiful beaches, the short distance to Porto and the affordable flight connections are the main reasons that can explain this growth.
We understand it is better when you can have a look to fully understand what we mean. Just click on the link below and watch the video:


How is the surfing in Porto per month:

How to get to the Surf house and more…

Currently, there are several low-cost companies flying to Porto – Francisco Sá Carneiro airport (OPO).

The easier way to get from the airport to the city is by metro. To do so, you should buy the Andante (metro and train card) and charge it with a ticket, which you can do in the local metro station. Then you only have to catch a metro heading to Porto and enjoy a 30 minutes ride approximately.

If you pretend to go straight to the surf house in Espinho , you should leave the metro in Campanhã station (Porto) and go the train station, which is right over there.

If you’re already with us having a good time surfing Porto and it’s surroundings and suddenly want to head over to Porto it’s even easier (on average a 25 minutes journey).  The train will leave right downtown, where everything happens! Easy going!!   Text, book, fly, drive, surfs up, see you soon!

Decision time; To surf or not to surf

What can we say more, it is time to make a decision. Surfing Porto is an experience you will not soon forget!  Are you in doubt because you feel like a beginner and are still uncertain about the Porto surf conditions? We are happy to give you our knowledge and train your skills. You are in good hands. Let us show you what surfing in Portugal is all about.