Porto surfing in May – Notes from the locals

Is Porto surfing in May any good? Let us tell you our story.  May began with a couple of epic surf sessions is Espinho and a bunch of other surf spots in the Porto area. Clean conditions and waves from 1 to 2 meters high were there. And the crowds… well, there weren’t any! These and the following days, our surfers were surfing the skin of their bones, sorta speak. It was pretty much surf, eat, fun, relax… and back to the water again. And the warm and sunny weather were a nice extra bonus. Could it be nicer?!

In terms of surfing, May was better than April but, the truth is that it was not perfect (it never is) every day. But then there are still many places and countries, where you can have decent waves? Even if they are just barely surfable, on every single day right? Well, here in North Portugal it’s basically the same thing. Porto waves are popping up pretty much somewhere in the area. Fortunately, April and May had amazing surf days, with waves from 0,5 meter to 2,5 meters in size, offshore wind or no wind at all. No, it did not happen every day, but it sure was more then a couple of days… That we can assure you!

We like to think that, besides surfing, people are what defines a place and the memory that each one of us keeps from those moments. Some “after surfing” plans were made and we enjoyed Porto by the river (Ribeira) at the sunset, some live music and some really nice street theatre events – Imaginarius at Santa Maria da Feira, a city nearby, made us and our guests happy.

Today at the beach we were kind of on two minds about surfing or not. Conditions were not perfect, but certainly ok, and the forecast for Esmoriz and Espinho is looking better for the upcoming days. June is almost here with the promise of good Porto waves, weather and fun. But, on the other hand, maybe it’s best to surf today no matter what. So we decided yes! After all, life is better when you surf, right?! Well so far for our “Porto surfing in May” in 2017.