There’s a new guy in town: Fred

There’s a time during the year that the sport’s world goes through big market transfers with millionaire contracts involved. Once the goals are set and the target profile is defined, each team tries to grab the best guy to join them.
Well, with us it was pretty much the same! We choose Fred.



Frederico Godinho, 27 years male specie, was born and raised in Espinho and since his young age he is interested in team sports, especially Volleyball and water sports. He started to practise bodyboard when he was 12 and was surfing from the age of 17. He studied Sports and Physical Education in Oporto’s University and went for a post-degree in Surfing in FMH, in Lisbon. Went through other learnings, such as Basic Life Support, Personal Training and SUP.

Since 2008 he gathered experience both as a surf instructor and surf host in the region.



Besides the surf hosts that our guest already know – us, Fred will be also our surf Host, Surf Instructor and Functional Training for Surfers Instructor.
Fred is known for his relaxed and positive attitude and, like all of us, surfing, travelling and hanging out with friends are some of the things he loves to do. He’s a friendly guy who always brings a subject to the table, so no concerns with small talk. Think about him as your surfing friend.

This year there’s one more surfer among us. But there can be more… What are you waiting for?