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The best surf lessons

Never surfed at a surf school before? A beginner surfer or already have some experience? Then attention, cause our surfing lessons attend the needs of all kind of surfers, from the first-timers to the more experienced ones! So next time you’re searching for the best surfing lessons at a good surf school in Portugal, a surf trip to the best surf spots in Portugal or planning your next surf vacations towards, make sure to contact us!

Surf lessons of our surfschool in Espinho and Esmoriz

Why choose us as your dedicated surf school?

Basically, because we prefer doing it on small and simple!

  • small groups, with an maximum teacher-student ratio of 1-4 or 1-5 depending on the surfing level (without mixing groups with different surfing skills);
  • theoretical support besides the water practise;
  • additional fitness training tips, according to each surfer performance and surfing needs;
  • no fixed schedules or timetables for surfing (see why under the tab surf lesson lenght);
  • and 1h30 minutes of water practise (see why under the tab “surf lesson lenght).

Why don’t you offer 3 hour lessons like most of the surf camps in Portugal?

Firstly our studies, coaching and surfing experience taught us that the more unexperienced a surfer is the more his body will get tired after a surf session. Common sense, right?! We believe that long or multiple sessions a day, especially on the first days, would cause more damage to a surfer than benefits, resulting in extreme fatigue, failure and frustration. Therefore, the surfer simply would need to take a few days off in order to regain his power.
So that’s why…

  • all surf lessons take 1h30 minutes
  • our standard weekly surf packs include 5 lessons (one day off from the ”teaching pressure“ and enjoy some yoga to get your power back, or even go for a short free surfing session).

Are we like a “normal” surf school?!

No. Even though in terms of duration some surf school lessons also last the same, we…

  • always do it in small groups and according to each surfer skills
  • schedule lessons according to the conditions that each group of surfers need. Harder for us to prepare things in advance, better for the surfers!

… and this makes a huge difference!

Which surfspots we go with our surf school?

Easy- where the best surfing conditions are which 99% of the times means Espinho, as it’s where the most consistent waves are and also because is where we are located, and nothing better than leaving home with the wetsuit on and board under the arm.

Our coastline offers a bunch of nice surfspots, pointbreaks and beachbreaks, that offers surfing conditions suitable to every surfer. Additionally when you’re taking surf lessons with us, single lessons or included in a surf pack, you can join us in our surf limo and take a ride to the beach.

When you’re a non guest surfer you can also join us. And if you rather rent a surfboard, surf by yourself and not driving around with a car, then probably staying in our surf house in Espinho would be the best choice as you have some of the best surf spots in Portugal right at your doorstep.

So if your curious, then please check out the surf spots map displayed in the top bottom of our Espinho page or check them below!

Committed surfers

Have a look at our surf packs and choose one that fits your needs and interests. 

  • surfing photos/videos for keeping the great memories intact all year round;
  • individual surfing analysis (available on the Full Week and Advanced surf packs);
  • skate lessons thinking on boosting your surfing skills
  • beach coaching + video/photos: 1 lesson= short sessions with beach supervision followed with technical/tactical feedbacks + other sessions – available on the Advanced Surf Pack only

Not a guest at our surf camp?

Come along with us to the beach for a surf anyway! Just contact us, write down “surf lessons” as the subject. Furthermore, add your experience, age, number of lessons that you would like to have or any other question!

Give us a call if you have any questions

(+351) 938 406 994 / 966 414 169

What people think of us?

Boosted my skills!

“Motivating teachers that know the best surf spots for your level are Watermark’s secret ingredients to great surf teaching.’”
Natalia Strigin
Intermediate surfer

Best surfcamp

“It’s the best surfcamp I’ve been to. Since the first time we went to WM we fell inlove with the surf lessons, the surf house and its caring owners Ricardo and Rui. We have been there every year since then and the outstanding hospitality of these guys and the great effort they take for their customers is still the same.
Até à próxima!”
Robert Garnew
Advanced surfer

Melhor lugar

“A WaterMark foi uma das minhas melhores descobertas do último ano. Ambiente incrível, staff preocupado com a diversão e evolução. Até hoje ainda não consegui largar o surf. Foi sem dúvida o melhor local para começar na modalidade e evoluir com as bases correctas.”
Luís Catarino
Intermediate surfer

Primeira surfada

“Adorei a minha primeira experiência no Surf. A WaterMark proporcionou-me momentos fantásticos de aprendizagem e diversão, ao longo das aulas. O staff é incansável e muito competente. Obrigado WaterMark. Assim que possível, estarei de volta.”
Ana Válega
Begginner surfer