Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. They apply to bookings of accommodation and all services available made through our website, or on-site. 














  1. Bookings happen online on the “Book” button option available on our website.
  2. Once all the booking steps are completed and the 30% deposit payment is done, guests will have their booking request confirmed.
  4. All bookings require a 30% deposit. Check our recommendations concerning the fast payment methods available, according to your country.
  5. Manual payment is also available (bank transfer) and It should happen within the 24 hours after the booking form Is filled and the operations’ receipt should be sent to (use the “Deposit” on the subject field) The booking will only be settled once the deposit is confirmed.

When a booking is confirmed that means that the guest agrees with all the Terms & Conditions Policyas well as with all the existing Covid restrictions & rules in our house.

  1. The balance due happens on-site, until the day before the check-out. By then, you can pay the balance due by cash or any of the following payment methods (some of them will have an extra fee applied):

– Bank Transfer: operation’s receipt required 

– Credit Cards:

  • Visa and Master Card: EU cards= + 1,8% extra fee Non- EU & commercial= + 2,8% extra fee
  • American Express = + 2,8% extra fee
  • Maestro
  • Carta Si and Cartes Bancaires = + 1,8% extra fee

– Online platfor­ms:

  • SOFORT = + 1% extra fee


  1. Cancellation within:
  • 7 days before the check-in date is free of charge. We refund the deposit paid, excluding any transaction taxes.
  • Less than 7 days before the check-in date there’s no refund. However, in these cases, the deposit may be used as a credit for a new booking during the current year. This option has to be requested at that cancellation time.
  1. In the case of no-show, the amount paid it’s not refundable. In case the guest decides to check-out earlier than what the original booking estimated, Watermark Surf House Lda. holds the right to charge the remaining amount, by any legal means necessary.
  2. Changes to booking details:
  • Names, addresses, contacts or other personal information required can be changed. Just need to contact us.
  • Check-in/out dates depend on availability and, therefore, not guaranteed. If an alternative date is not available and the changing request happens:
    • … 30 or more days before the check-in date, we will refund the deposit paid (excluding online payment taxes). As an alternative, clients can use the deposit as a credit for a new booking during the current year. This option has to be requested at that cancellation time.
    • … less than 30 days before the check-in date there will be no refund. However, in these cases, the deposit may be used as a credit for a new booking during the current year. This option has to be requested at that changing request time.
  1. Changes or Cancellation of  a service

Ourselves or any of our partners for services or products can not be responsible for nature factors wind, waves and weather conditions during your stay, and have the right to cancel or change any of the services provided: surf lessons, surf guidance, surf trips, yoga, functional training, massage, transfers, or any other activities, if the wind, surf, weather or any unpredictable condition makes it impossible or unsafe to run them as planned. An alternative to the activities canceled might be proposed, if possible, and if accepted by the guest a no refunding or partial refund deal should be discussed and agreed at the moment. In the case of an unexpected situation that affects or damages any of our houses- weather or any natural cause, urgent repairing, etc, Watermark Surf House reserves the right to cancel any accommodation booked and it’s obligated to refund the full amount paid by the guest.


CHECK-IN’S & TRANSFERS POLICY  new: verify the latest demands for check-ins regarding Covid19 restrictions (available below at the Covid19 restrictions, rules & recommendations point of this document)

Check-in time is between 15:00 and 22:00. Earlier or later check-ins should be requested with, at least, 48 hours in advance. We do not assure personal attendance or check-in’s out from our standard schedule.

Despite the check-in time, guests have to inform us about their arrival, or flight schedule, with at least 48 hours before the arrival date. We are not permanently in the houses and, therefore, a proper welcome has to be arranged.

Watermark Surf House won’t be held responsible for any delay or other inconvenience that may occur on the check-in when that information is not provided, or when it happens less than 48 hours from the arrival.

Airport transfers have to be requested and confirmed with a minimum of 48 hours before the arrival date, as well as flight details and a valid mobile contact. Late requests, late or missing flight/contact details can result in an unavailable service. Airport transfer rates depend on the pick-up time and are available on our website Services page.



  • In both our surf houses guests are responsible for keeping the kitchen, bathrooms and common areas clean as they were, undamaged and ready for others to use. It is expected from guests to respect each other as they share common rooms.
  • Guests staying in shared accommodation are expected to use only their bed and shelve to store luggage, leaving all other beds and shelves free for newcomers. Watermark Surf House it’s not responsible for our guest’s personal belongings.
  • Guests should respect resting hours (22:00 – 9:00) and avoid disturbing behaviors.
  • No smoking inside the surf house. No pets allowed.
  • Before departure, the room should be left clean (free from rubbish, food or leftovers), similar to how it was before. Keys should be returned to the staff or placed on the key deposit box available at the house.
  • Damages caused to any of the house’s equipment or house structure- furniture and walls for example, or any disregard for conduct rules, guests will be held responsible and Watermark Surf House holds the right to refuse accommodation and invite them to leave the surf house and charge for the damages, by any means necessary.
  • Kitchen rules are available online, in each house “Important Information” section, as well as on-site. In both surf houses, guests are responsible to clean the used dishes and leave the kitchen like they found it and should take all the food from their individual space in the common fridge until the check-out time
  • Main rules are available on-site.



Each user is responsible for the correct use and maintenance of all the sports equipment available in our houses – surfing gear, bikes or skates, balls, etc. Any damage to this equipment as a result of an incorrect use will be charged to the guest, either if it occurs during surfing lessons, surfing rentals or on a free use situation. The surfing equipment, skates or bikes should be verified before the client takes them and, after being used, should be delivered in the same condition.



The responsible surfing instructor decides the surf lessons schedule. Weather and wave conditions are absolutely out of our control and therefore we can never guarantee any surfing condition. We do, however, make the most effort to be updated on recent forecasts to be able to decide the best surfing times and location. Nevertheless, the lessons for our guests in Espinho happen preferably there. If the responsible surfing instructor decides that the surf lesson is canceled, due to insecure weather or wave conditions, an alternative activity might be proposed or even a new date/time. In the end, if a service was paid and hasn’t been enjoyed, or its alternative, a refund of the value can be discussed. 

Guests with surf lessons:

  • Should be on time for the surf lessons. If guests don’t show up there will be no refund or reschedule, and the lesson will be considered done and valid for payment.
  • Are responsible for their surf equipment- wetsuit, surfboard and leash. It should always be handled with care and brought back clean. In the case of damage due to disrespect of security rules or incorrect use, the payment of the broken material or its repair will be asked to the guest.
  • Are strictly required to follow the instructions of the teacher, with special attention to the safety rules. On an injury situation, guests should inform us without any delay. Watermark Surf House takes no responsibility for any accident or injury as a result of disrespect for the safety rules.


Our sports accident insurance only covers accidents that may happen during our surf lessons. Therefore, free surfing, surf trips or surfing rentals won’t be considered. We advise our guests to take all-risk travel insurance to cover any incident that might occur during the holidays. 



All the photos/videos taken can be used by Watermark Surf House for commercial and promotion purposes. Personal details will be used only by Watermark Surf House and won’t be used or shared with a 3rd party.



*NEW: starting from 10.07.2021 and until further notice, all guests need to present at the check-in time a:

  • Digital certificate of vaccination, or a negative PCR test (last 72 h) or a negative antigen test (last 48h)
  • or
  • a negative auto-test, done at the check-in time. Each guests should bring their own test or, if not, Watermark SH can provide one (upon payment)

Guests with automatic check-in (not received by any of the staff members; usually happens on late check-ins), should share with Watermark SH during the check-in day the Digital certificate of vaccination, negative PCR test or the negative antigen test,  by email or WhatsApp.

Not accomplishing these requirements, or having a positive test, means not being able to stay in Watermark Surf House by any means. Watermark Surf House won’t held any responsibility for that and a refund won’t be possible – only a 1 year voucher.


Please verify the all the restrictions, rules & recommendations in Portugal and regarding Surfing and other services provided by Watermark SH, available on the Info page on our website, COVID19 point. Note that they prevail over some points mentioned above.