The best Surf Spots in Northern Portugal

The best Surf Spots in Northern Portugal

The best surf spots in northern Portugal. Before you want to go anywhere, you need to know if it is worth your while. In general, the signs are there. The increase of surf-related tourism in Portugal is something that everyone can easily see. As a result, the crowds are bigger around our waters and nobody likes to go surfing and being constantly concerned with being smashed by a flying surfboard. Especially when some of the key reasons to surf is having a relaxing and fun time. Maybe that’s why foreign surfers are constantly on the lookout for less crowded surf spots than Algarve, Carcavelos, Ericeira or Peniche. Therefore, in the last couple of years northern Portugal, represented by Oporto, has been setting his space up as a great surfing option. It’s able to combine high-quality surfing with the culture and vibe of the great city of Porto.

Our Surf Spots

Urban or natural beaches, beach breaks and point breaks and different surf spots that suit all type of surfing levels. Here is our surf spots selection for the North of Portugal:

Moledo do Minho:

The river Minho, which is the frontier between Portugal and Spain, forms a sandbank which can produce good left-handers, sometimes with hard rips. A relaxed beach with a really nice landscape. It’s 100 km’s north from Porto.

Afife (Arda beach):

It’s a surfing and windsurfing destination since the late 70’s. This is due to the quality of the waves and the strong winds that occasionally appear. It’s about 85 km’s north from Porto and close to Viana do Castelo.

Matosinhos (Internacional beach):

It’s Oporto beach, near Parque da Cidade (city park), with a lovely seafront area. It’s a very popular spot for beginners and it has a large number of surf schools for that reason.

Espinho (Baía beach):

The casino right-hander is one of the most popular waves of northern Portugal. A barrel wave with different sections. Southwards, there are more waves near the fishermen’s zone. Since 2014 it’s one of the stages of the World Pro Junior Series and hosted a World Longboard Tour, included in the Espinho Surf Destination event. We sure feel blessed for having our surf house here! It’s 20 km’s south from Porto (20 minutes by train to the centre).

Espinho is not only about one single point break
Esmoriz, Cortegaça and surrounding areas:

In this area there are various peaks along the beach, making it accessible to all surfers, from beginner to advanced. Very natural, yes one of the not crowded surf spots in northern Portugal. There are only a few local surfers, unique landscapes and quality waves. In fact, in 2013 it was considered by the Evening Times (online version, 15th of August 2013) the second World’s Best Surfing Destination, right after Oahu (Hawai) and before places like California (USA), Durban (S.Africa), etc. A real gem and our surf house is right around the corner.

Because this region, like Espinho, is so close to Porto, with fast and easy access, you don’t have to miss out on a visit to this great town. It’s 25 km’s south from Porto (25-30 minutes by train to the centre).

Esmoriz’ gems!
Aveiro (Barra beach):

This is a wide open beach, protected by a jetty on the north side. Various peaks and accessible to all surfers. Sure you won’t miss the opportunity of visiting Aveiro, also known as the Portuguese Venice.

Still not convinced that northern Portugal has great surf spots to offer you? Then please check out our video and tell us what you think. Any other questions, please let us know.