Any recommendation for Surfing in Peniche, Ericeira, or Algarve? No.

As your surfing holidays approach your search for the best surf spots gets more intense and, most likely, you read about all the different options, the surf lessons, surf camps, and a bunch of other relevant info. You check past visitors’ reviews, surf guides, and a whole range of sources available. Well done. But there are at least two things you shouldn’t definitely forget: is that what you want and what do you really need?

If you want to have good surfing those places can offer you a good experience, depending on your surfing skills and when you visit them. Or not. Eventually, you can find clean, perfect and big barrels… but would you ride them? Eventually, you can catch the perfect conditions for you… but would it be packed with dozens of hungry surfers? Eventually, you can find some surf lessons for you… but would you actually get enough feedbacks that help your surfing progress when you find out that the group is big? 

Of course there is good surfing there, amazing professionals and high risk waves can be found everywhere. The point here is that, maybe where all the others go sometimes is not exactly what you need, what is best for you and, eventually, if you stop and think for a second, what you really want…

Fortunately, surfing in Portugal is not only Peniche, Ericeira, Lisboa area or Algarve. So whenever you plan your next surf trip to Portugal, think about:

  • what your surf skills are
  • the type of waves and general conditions that you need to improve
  • if big crowds can be a problem
  • the type of teaching that can help your cause
  • if, besides surfing, there are some other interesting plans that you would like to accomplish (sightseeing, city tour, etc…)

From our side, we can present our Espinho surf house and its location as an option for good surfing, efficient teaching, and wonderful overall surfing experience. They are an option for all visitors despite their surfing skills, from first-timers to advanced surfers. Crowds are way shorter and our teaching methods are based on small groups and personal attendance. Then, besides surfing, our houses and friendly vibe will make you feel comfortable since your arrival.  And if you’re curious to have a glimpse of a magical city, Porto is right on the corner or, in case you’re more of a natural area type of person, Espinho’s coastline down to Esmoriz green areas for sure will make your day!

Our surf house in Espinho, 30 meters far from the beach and best surf spot around, offers you different private and shared rooms options that for sure will suit your best interests (which are assured with a 10% discount on accommodation for July’20). There you’ll experience leaving the house with your board under your arm and hiot the waves straight away.

If you’ll travel with your family, close friends or any other cohabitant group, for sure you’ll make the most of the relaxing vibes that the green areas around Espinho offer, the beautiful white sandy beaches. Check-it yourself!

Sometimes on Esmoriz & Espinho area you actually want someone else to join you on the line up
Esmoriz area offers an unique set up.
Surfing in Espinho can be fun and hollow. Even better when there’s a 10% discount deal waiting.

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See you in the line up!