Surfing in December

Surfing in Porto’s best spots during December is a great option for those who can surf and want to catch some nice waves in less crowded places, enjoy some Porto and Espinho Christmas glamour and keep its vibe intact. Let’s be real: you won’t wear your new shorts or bikini as no 30 degrees and coconuts will be here. It’s Christmas time, so let’s celebrate December as it is and add some waves, the best of the northern Portuguese dishes and plenty of love on the mix. After all, it’s Christmas time!

December is on the way and probably you’re wondering where should you go for a surfing escape. Good news: our Espinho house will be open until the 5th of January 2020. So let’s celebrate December together! Why and what to expect? Ok…

First, and because surfing can’t get out of your head, Wintertime offers the best surfing conditions, not necessarily meaning bigger waves, but mainly because the sandbars are usually well-shaped and nice off-shore winds are around. Waves can be from knee to waist- high, or double or triple overhead, depending on the swell on offer. Yes, bigger waves appear more when we compare it to any other time of the year but, having said that, small and average conditions are often around as much as more challenging conditions are during Summer- sometimes yes, it happens! And because of this, our surfing lessons/guiding services are canceled in advance from the 15th November until the 2020 re-opening, even though surf rentals and tips are here for you anyway.

If December usually provides surfing conditions are as good as they can get, make no mistakes, the water and air temperature can be cold. Usually, the better surfing is the colder it gets! Nothing that a nice wetsuit, some boots and a surfing hood won’t solve. Blue sky, sharp wind and lower temperatures often mean smiling faces.

cold off-shore wind, cold water and nice long barreling left-handers in Espinho.

Sessions can be sometimes challenging because of the colder conditions, the waves and the paddling involved and it can happen that surfers get tired faster. Important tip: make sure you get yourself fit by following some basic Surfing fitness tips that for sure will leave you more prepared.

Secondly, one of the best things about surfing Espinho is what you have on offer after each session: a roll of options to warm up your body, filling it with a bunch of Christmas spirit. And by spirit we mean not only the shining light on the streets and the smiling friendly faces but also the traditional food and snacks, sweets and all kind of deserts and drinks at this time of the year. From the roasted chestnuts to the typical Christmas night dish- the bacalhau, to the rabanadas, the bolo-rei, the leite creme (milk-based), sonhos (dreams in English, the name says it all), fatias douradas (aka golden slices) the choice is endless and can be always escorted by some lovely Porto Wine and/or red Douro wine.  If that doesn’t warm your spirit we recon nothing else will. Just keep in mind that probably there will be some surfing on the day after and everything will be fine. Probably.

The Rabanadas, a bread & eggs based snacks, is for sure one of the Portuguese favorites snacks on December

Visiting Porto at night this time of the year is always special and as the New Year’s Eve comes closer, the city gets more crowded. The amount of options for that night in particular is endless and it will depend on what you really want to do: dinner with friends, party all night long on a bar, party on the street among the locals…

Porto’s Christmas tree gathers huge tons of crowds, especially during the New Year’s eve live concerts

In the end, you’ll be able to live the typical feeling of this time of the year and celebrate December as it is. While catching some of the nicest waves of the year… What else?!