Surfing with the family during Summer – Loose notes about life & surfing vol. II

surfing feels better with those we care most

Now that the world looks round again it’s time to think where to release the accumulated energy during the past months. Surfing with your beloved ones could be a great way to do it. Nevertheless, better plan it properly and make sure you gather everything that matters most.

Personally I’m very sceptic about the whole pandemic situation but not because I’m one of those conspiracy theory freaks that seem to know more than everyone else because they read something on the internet and watched some Netflix doc. No! By sceptic I simply mean that I’m not sure what to believe in, but there’s one thing I know: being irresponsible on our public behaviors, despite believing or not the whole Covid19 speech, is a total disrespect for the others’ well-being.

Actually, the reasons that makes me wonder about what to believe are the same ones that make the conspiracy theories freaks “experts”: the fact that our opinions are based on the information we get, either on the tv, newspaper, online or even through any “inconvenient” online documentary that was hidden from the public spots. 

In the end, the confinement result on accumulated energy, good or bad, and now that the time to through it out has come it’s time to think about how to do it. #stay home is not the answer anymore. Living is not hide from reality but facing it and knowing how to deal with it. So let’s not become idiots and do like nothing happened and let’s move on. 

Time to plan your surfing holidays

Surfing and nature are probably one of the best answers, not only due to the fact that it happens outdoor but mainly because of the natural bonds involved. 

Here’s a list of what could be important for you to think about when the “where to go” part comes:

  • choose a country where Health Care facilities are good and the connections to your home country are easier;
  • choose a region, a city/village, a beach less crowded;
  • choose a familiar accommodation and a small scale surf school, capable of a personal approach for you and your buddies;
  • choose a place surrounded by green areas or, at least, that they exist close enough. If you’re a city lover, choose a spot where connections to a major cities exist frequently and that it doesn’t take much time to get there.
  • choose an accommodation where safety rules do exist and of course, make sure that you’re ok to follow them. It just means they care for everyone’s health.
  • Choose a surf spot that suits your needs. 

If Portugal is your answer let me add a few things: Summer is Summer and getting no crowds could be a hard task, depending on what your choices are. Judging by the latest numbers, going inland seems to be very trendy as most of the accommodations (hotels and airbnb’s) registered a remarkable increase of bookings (the higher in the last few years they wrote). On the other hand, looking to how the beaches where during the last sunny weekends, Algarve it always be Algarve… packed!

Sometimes Algarve can be difficult

So time to get your brain to work and your fingers searching online. 

You can have a look to the best surf spots for beginners: Northern& Central Portugal and 10 reasons to surf in Porto area articles to get an clear idea what you can expect on the upper coast of the country.

Go where you want to go but go! And do it wisely!

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